What are the benefits of using Executive Flight Services to manage aircraft?

Using Executive Flight Services relieves you of the hassles of aircraft ownership. Hiring, training, and paying the pilots and mechanics; providing workers’ compensation insurance are our responsibilities, not yours. We ensure that required maintenance is scheduled and performed in a proper and timely manner. We manage your aircraft in strict accordance with FAA regulations. Let us know when and where you need to fly, and we’ll take care of the rest.

How much advance notice is required to schedule a trip?

Flexibility is one of the biggest benefits of aircraft ownership. We understand the need to quickly respond to business opportunities or personal situations on your schedule. To provide that, we can usually have your aircraft ready for departure within 3 to 4 hours of being notified, allowing us to inform the crew and prepare your aircraft for your trip.

What destinations do you fly to?

Wherever you need to be. Most of the time that means business trips within the central United States corridor, but we routinely fly to either coast and to Mexico and the Caribbean. We recently
received Federal Aviation Regulation approval for operation of larger aircraft that can seat 10 or more to fly to Europe, across the Pacific and throughout the world.

What is the cost of Executive Flight Services as my management company?

Fees are based on the type of aircraft and how it is operated. The cost of pilots, pilot training, hangar space, and how the airplane will be operated all are factored into our management fee. If you choose to place your aircraft under our charter certificate, additional management and other reasonable fees will apply. Contact us for specific details.

Do I need to hire a flight crew for my aircraft?

No. The Executive Flight Services team will take care of all aspects of hiring and managing the flight crew. It is vitally important that you are comfortable and confident with your flight crew members and we continually strive to hire pilots and management staff that possess the professional competence and personal demeanor that give you that level of comfort and confidence.

Who performs maintenance on my aircraft?

Our experienced in-house maintenance staff will manage and perform the majority of all required maintenance on your aircraft at our facility. Routine maintenance inspections will be coordinated with you to determine times minimize the impact on your flight schedule.

What are the benefits of putting my aircraft on a charter certificate?

By placing your aircraft on a charter certificate, you will be able to reduce some aircraft ownership costs by chartering it to someone else when it is not in use. You may choose to charter it to the public, or refer your business colleagues or close friends. The decision is yours.

How are Executive Flight Services' pilots trained?

All pilots are trained in strict accordance with the Federal Aviation Administration regulations. The comprehensive training required by the FAA incorporates the use of a full motion simulator to create emergency scenarios for the flight crew, and allows pilots to be prepared and well-trained to handle unlikely emergency situations.

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