Executive Flight Services, a wholly owned affiliate of Executive AirShare, manages and charters professionally piloted aircraft for personal and business use in the Americas, with travel worldwide. EFS provides pilots, aircraft maintenance, concierge, fuel, hangar space and other services through its bases to customers in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas; Kansas City, Missouri; and Wichita, Kansas.

Safety is paramount and the foundation for everything Executive Flight Services does. It is the rationale behind the technology in its aircraft and its strict pilot training curriculum. We maintain some of the most stringent maintenance and operational procedures in the industry.

Executive Flight Services customers expect the best from our staff and services. Compare EFS with other charter and management services. You’ll find our numerous advantages, including professional flight operations, precise and detailed flight scheduling and dispatch, exclusive aircraft maintenance, comprehensive financial services, and substantial buying power resulting in savings on fuel, training and insurance, which will exceed your expectations.


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